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Galler Exquisite Chocolate Trio

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Looking for a very special gift for someone with a discerning palate? This exquisite Galler chocolate trio is the perfect unique gift idea. Presenting three gift boxes featuring Galler chocolate truffles, carrés, and innovative Kaori dipping chocolates.

The Galler Kaori gift box offers an experience unlike any other. Based on traditional Japanese calligraphy gift sets, the box slides open to reveal 12 chocolate sticks in creative flavor combinations. The chocolate sticks are like "paintbrushes" that can be dipped into the three different seasoning pots to compose a unique work of art. Up to 48 flavor combinations can be created, and it will be a pleasure to try them all to choose a favorite!

The gift also includes Galler's 16 piece truffle gift box. Intense flavors of vanilla, raspberry, coffee, and bitter chocolate enhance creamy chocolate truffles with a long finish on the palate. These revolutionary truffles are a new twist on a timeless chocolate treasure.

Galler's 36 piece Carrés gift box completes the trio. A mouthwatering collection of chocolate squares in assorted milk and dark flavors is a pleasure not to be forgotten. The rich assortment invites enjoyment any time, any place - and there are even enough to share!
  • 1Galler Giftbox The Carré, 36 pcs
  • 1Galler Giftbox Kaori, 121 g
  • 1Galler Giftbox Truffles, 16 pcs
What's inside?

Galler Giftbox The Carré, 36 pcs

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cream (milk) (cream (milk), thickener: carrageenan), marzipan (almonds, sugar, water, invert sugar syrup, alcohol), whole milk powder, hazelnuts, butter (milk), almonds, bulking agent: polydextrose, invert sugar syrup, cashew nut, pecan nuts, anhydrous milkfat, glucose syrup, cocoa nibs, anti-caking agent: isomalt, walnuts, yuzu, caramel (sugar, cocoa butter), candied orange peel (orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: sulfur dioxide (sulphites)), biscuit (wheat flour (gluten), sugar, concentrated butter (milk), skimmed milk powder, barley malt, salt), coconut, dextrin, passion fruit, cane sugar, emulsifier: soy lecithin, inulin, lime, speculoos (wheat flour (gluten), brown sugar, butter (milk), milk, cinnamon, yeast, eggs), coffee, apricot, cocoa powder, pistachios, matcha tea, alcohol, vanilla pod, caramel (caramelised sugar, caramelised glucose syrup, water), natural coffee flavouring, Kirsch, natural vanilla flavouring, vinegar, Grand Marnier extract (alcohol, cognac, natural bitter orange flavouring, colour : caramel), lavender flowers, star anise, natural apricot flavouring, Guérande salt, salt, amidated fruit pectin, allspice. Decoration: sugar, vegetable fat (shea), colours (dioxyde titanium, beetroot red, curcumin, cochineal), cocoa powder, saffron powder (maltodextrin, saffron extract), emulsifier: soy lecithin. Cocoa: Dark chocolate: 70% min. - Milk chocolate: 34% min. - White chocolate: 23% min.
Allergy Advice: May contain other nuts.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2188 kJ / 523 kcal – Total Fat 36,9 g – Saturates 16,2 g – Carbohydrate 38,6 g – Sugars 31,8 g – Protein 5,4 g - Salt 0,1 g
EAN Code: 5412038384574

Galler Giftbox Kaori, 121 g

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cream (milk) (cream (milk), thickener: carrageenan), whole milk powder, hazelnuts, butter (milk), strawberries puree 2.6% (strawberries, wild strawberries), glucose syrup, bulking agent: polydextrose, invert sugar syrup, poppy seed 1.7%, mangos, half-candied orange peel strips 1.3% (peel oranges, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar), cocoa nibs 0,8%, ginger 0.7%, anti-caking agent: isomalt, kalamansi 0.6%, concentrated butter (milk), balsamic vinegar 0.5%, emulsifier: soy lecithin, coconut milk 0.5% (coconut, glucose syrup, sodium caseinate, stabiliser: silicon dioxide, emulsifier: dipotassium phosphate), concentrated apple juice, dextrin, matcha tea 0.3%, cardamom 0.3%, cocoa powder, inulin, yuzu juice 0.2%, vanilla 0.1% (natural flavouring and beans), carbon dioxide, lactose, saffron 0.01%, natural orange flavouring, gelling agent: arabic gum, colour: beta-carotene. Cocoa: 70% min.
Allergy Advice: May contain traces of other nuts, eggs and wheat (gluten).
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2182 kJ / 521 kcal – Total Fat 39,8 g – Saturates 23 g – Carbohydrate 32,3 g – Sugars 29,7 g – Protein 5,3 g - Salt 0,1 g
EAN Code: 5412038384116

Galler Giftbox Truffles, 16 pcs

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa paste 19%, cream (milk) (cream (milk), thickener: carrageenan), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, bulking agent: polydextrose, cocoa powder, concentrated butter (milk), invert sugar syrup, anti-caking agent: isomalt, glycerol, raspberry 1%, skimmed milk powder, dextrin, natural coffee flavouring 0.7%, glucose syrup, inulin, natural raspberry flavouring 0.5%, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla 0.1% (natural flavouring and beans), wheat malt (gluten). Cocoa: Dark chocolate: 58% minimum - Milk chocolate: 35% minimum - White chocolate: 23% minimum.
Allergy Advice: May contain traces of nuts and eggs.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2019 kJ / 482 kcal – Total Fat 33,7 g – Saturates 21,1 g – Carbohydrate 36,3 g – Sugars 32,6 g – Protein 5,2 g - Salt 0 g
EAN Code: 5412038384673

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