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Botanopia Plant Care Kit Gift Box

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SKU: GFE2001384

Do you love plants, and want to make sure you keep your collection happy and healthy? We’ve got you covered with this Care Kit and our little guide full of tips.

Whether you’re a beginner or a confirmed plant lover, the included products and tools are there to help you achieve and maintain a great indoor jungle

Your Plant Care Kit ships in a chic black and gold box, also great for gifting.

The box contains :

1 250ml glass spray bottle (empty).
1 100ml bottle of Neem Oil, ready to mix.
1 50ml bottle of Complete Organic Plant Food, to sustain your plants as they grow, with their roots in water or in soil.
1 bonsai scissors to prune your plants.
A detailed guide with our best tips to take care of your plants.
  • 1Plant Care Kit + Plant Care Tips

SKU : GFE2001384


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