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Cinq Mondes After Bath & Shower Essentials

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Every woman will love this luxurious Cinq Mondes duo of nourishing skin treatments. Inspired by the spa traditions of Morocco, the Orange Blossom Petals Rain Mist and Sumptuous Dry Body Oil will banish dry, dull skin, leaving skin satiny-soft and delicately scented.

Orange Blossom Petals Rain Mist is a floral water with a fresh oriental scent with subtle notes of Neroli flower and bitter orange. It is traditionally misted on after a steam in the Hamman, but would be just as wonderful after a hot bath or steamy shower at home. Orange extracts with vitamin C tone the skin.

The Sumptuous Dry Body Oil is a nourishing blend of argan, sesame, and olive oil with a delicate scent of cinnamon, eucalyptus, and cedar. Massage the oil in after bathing or using a sauna for gloriously soft skin.

This duo of after bath essentials by Cinq Mondes will turn her everyday bathing into a luxurious spa experience!
  • 1Cinq Mondes Orange blossom Petals Rain Mist
  • 1Cinq Mondes Sumptuous Dry Body Oil
What's inside?

Cinq Mondes Orange blossom Petals Rain Mist

Orange blossom petals rain mist, Atlas Ritual, Morocco
This floral water leaves a fresh, oriental scent on the skin
After enjoying the steam from the Hamman, oriental women perfume themselves with floral water. Pluie de Pétales® de Fleurs d'Oranger is a subtle combination of the leaf (Petit Grain), flower (Neroli) and fruit (Bitter Orange) of the Orange Tree. This beauty mist for the body also contains Orange extracts which are rich in vitamin C with toning properties.

Cinq Mondes Sumptuous Dry Body Oil

Sumptuous dry body oil, Atlas Ritual, Morocco
Achieve satin-soft skin enveloped in nourishing argan oil!
After the purifying experience of the Hammam, oriental women massage themselves with solutions made from argan oil. Huile Somptueuse® de l'Orient, a subtly balanced blend of Argan, Sesame, and Olive oil, deeply nourishes the skin and leaves behind a delicate scent due to its fragrance which combines Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Cedar. 

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SKU : GFE2000412

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