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Classic Dried Fruit Basket

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SKU: CADO001510

Treat them to the gift of health with this delicious dried fruit giftbox. This dried fruit hamper is gluten-free and offers a scrumptious collection of dried fruits, including apricots, figs, pineapples, dates, banana chips, and exotic mixed fruit in handy plastic storage tubs to maintain peak freshness. It's a great gift to send to friends, family, or for the office.
  • 1Dadels Pot, 200 g
  • 1Figs Pot, 200 g
  • 1Pineapple Cubes Pot, 200 g
  • 1Bananas Chips Pot, 120 g
  • 1Apricots Pot, 250 g
  • 1Exotic Fruit Mix Pot, 200 g
  • 1Luxury White Box
What's inside?

Dadels Pot, 200 g

Ingredients :
Dates, glucose syrup

May contain traces of peanuts, nuts and sesame

Nutritional values per 100g
energy 315kcal
proteins 2g
carbohydrates 73.1g
of which sugars 70g
fiber 51g
fats 0g
salt 0.025g

Figs Pot, 200 g

figs 100%
no allergens
Nutritional information per 100g
energy 271kcal
proteins 4g
carbohydrates 69.3g
of which sugars 47.92g
fibre 17g
fat 1.2g (100% vegetable)
of which saturated fatty acids 0.144g
mono-unsaturated fatty acids 0.159g
poly-unsaturated fatty acids 0.345g
calcium 138mg
iron 4.2g
magnesium 91.5g
phosphorus 163mg
sodium 10mg

Pineapple Cubes Pot, 200 g

pineapple 50.365%, sugar 48%, food acid E330 1.5%, coloring agent E160a 0.033%, coloring agent E141 0.033%, natural coloring black carrot juice 0.033%, flavoring 0.25%, preservative E220 sulphite 0.01%
peanuts, milk, nuts, lactose, carrot
may contain sulfur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations above 10mg/kg or 10mg/l expressed as SO2

Nutritional value per 100g
energy 357kcal
fat 0g
protein 1.3g
carbohydrates 86.3g
of which sugar 84.7g
added sugar 48g
starch 0g
sodium/salt 0mg
fibers 3.7
moisture content 7.6%

Bananas Chips Pot, 120 g

banana (55%), coconut oil (26%), sugar (18.98%), banana flavor (0.02%)
peanuts, milk, sesame
may contain traces of notes

Nutritional information per 100g
energy 487kcal
fat 26.4g
of which monounsaturated 1.7g
polyunsaturated 0.7g
saturated 22.8g
protein 2.3g
carbohydrates 57.5g
of which sugar 50.8g
added sugar 19g
starch 7.4g
sodium 1.9mg
salt 4.7mg
fibers 5.1g
moisture content 8.8%

Apricots Pot, 250 g

dried apricots
no allergens
Nutritional information per 100g
energy 285kcal
proteins 5g (100% vegetable source)
carbohydrates 59g
of which sugars 56g
fiber 2.9g
fat 0g (100% vegetable)

Exotic Fruit Mix Pot, 200 g

pineapple (50.2650%), sugar (48%), food acid E330 (1.5%), coloring agent E160a (0.066%), coloring agent E141 (0.066%), natural coloring black carrot juice (0.066%), flavoring (0.025%), preservative E223 sulfite (0.01%)
sulfur dioxide and sulfites
may contain peanuts, nuts

Nutritional information per 100g
energy 368kcal
fat 0.3g
of which polysaturated 0.3g
proteins 1.6g
carbohydrates 87.1g
of which sugar 84.3g (48g added and 1.3g starch)
sodium 1.2mg
salt 3mg
fiber 5g
moisture 5.8g

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SKU : CADO001510


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