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French Red & White Wine Chaumeau-Balland et Fils Sancerre

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Discover these highly refined Chaumeau-Balland et Fils Sancerre wines for connoisseurs. This pair of red and white in a stylish, white gift box is perfect for every occasion and demonstrates a sense of taste and class.

The white Sancerre Chaumeau-Balland et Fils wine offers delicious aromas of lychee, grapefruit and peach. This wine has tons of body and a fresh, lingering finish.
The red Sancerre Chaumeau-Balland et Fils wine is enjoyed slightly cooler and offers delicious aromas of red fruits.
  • 1Chaumeau-Balland : Sancerre Rouge, 75 cl
  • 1Chaumeau-Balland : Sancerre Blanc, 75 cl
  • 1Luxury Black Box

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