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Garzini 'Magic' Wallet Black, Gin Tonic & Botanicals

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The search for the perfect unique gift idea for men ends here! Every guy will love this combination of the coveted Garzini Magic Wallet paired with Siderit Gin om Spain, Qyuzu Premium Tonic Water, and Food Travellers Gin & Tonic Botanicals. It's a great gift for Father's Day, his birthday, an anniversary, or holidays.

Siderit London Dry Gin is made in very small batches (25 litres at a time) and distilled in a fractional distillation column made entirely of borosilicate glass. The 12 botanicals include sideritis hyssopifolia, from which it takes its name, as well as juniper, coriander, cardamom, rock tea, angelica root, cinnamon, orange peel, hibiscus, pink pepper, almond, and orris root. This well rounded gin is very drinkable and a pleasure to enjoy with a fizzy glass of tonic for the perfect G&T. Mix up your mixed drinks with the Food Travellers Gin & Tonic Botanicals, four vials of botanicals to add to drinks for a custom cocktail.

The Garzini Magic Wallet is a handcrafted wallet constructed by care with premium genuine leather. Each wallet is handmade by artisans with minimal finishing to allow the beauty of the natural leather to show. Strong double stitching ensures this will be a long-lasting wallet to keep all of his valuables safe, while a built-in RFID shield protects from digital theft.
  • 1Garzini Essenziale Coin Pocket 'Magic' Wallet Carbon Black
  • 1Siderit Gin, 50 cl
  • 2Fever-Tree : Tonic Mediterranean, 20 cl
  • 1Food Travellers Gin & Tonic Botanicals - Gentleman's Cut
  • 1Luxury White Box

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