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Domaine De Pellehaut White Wine & Snacks

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This stylish gift offers you the best aperitif in town! This light white wine from the Cascogne region is the perfect ingredient for every party. Have it together with some delicious nuts and crisp baked crackers with black pepper. Dip it in the black tapenade, made from green olives, capers, anchovies and herbs.
  • 1Domaine Pellehaut : Harmonie de Gascogne, 75cl
  • 1Domaine du Bois Gentil Tapenade Noir, 120 g
  • 1Regañás Crackers with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 125 g
  • 1Nut Mix in a Square Box
  • 1Luxury White Box
What's inside?

Domaine du Bois Gentil Tapenade Noir, 120 g

Domaine du Boise Gentil uses the only the finest olives from Provence, France to make gourmet savories. The Tapenade spread is created from green olives, capers, anchovies, and herbs.
Ingredients: Black olives (78%), capers, olive oil, anchovy, thyme of Provence, salt.

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