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100% Belgian Tastes with Wine & Spirits

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The West Flanders region of Belgium is known for its incredible beer, chocolates, and other delicacies. Sample the best of Flemish flavors with this gift set featuring Belgian chocolates, Jules Destrooper biscuits, Grootmoeders coffee, Belgian beer paté, Entre-Deux-Monts Rouge red wine, and traditional Belgian Jenever 't Wit Pulleke 38% juniper spirits.
  • 1Jenever 't Wit Pulleke 38%, 70 cl
  • 1Entre-Deux-Monts Rouge, 75 cl
  • 1Box Mini Sea Shells Chocolates
  • 1Chocolatier Sukerbuyc Brugs Kantje, 115 g
  • 1Belgian Beer Paté, 180 g
  • 1Grootmoeders Koffie Extra Dessert 100% Puur Arabica, 250 g
  • 1Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps, 100 g
  • 1Luxury White Box VIP
What's inside?

Jenever 't Wit Pulleke 38%, 70 cl

High quality Belgian jenever in traditional, stone bottle made by Vyncke-Daels a liquor and spirits producer in Belgium. The name 't Wit Pulleke, literally translated means the white bottle.

Alcohol : 38 %

Entre-Deux-Monts Rouge, 75 cl

Delicious red wine, melange of Merlot and Malbec grapes. This wine has been created by two collaborating wine producers (one from Belgium and one from France) with great passion and know-how. Entre-Deux-Monts is French for 'between two mountains'. The vineyard is located between two hills in the Belgian countryside. The vineyard is known for expertise, persistence, dedication and a traditional passion for wines.

Chocolatier Sukerbuyc Brugs Kantje, 115 g

Typical chocolates from Bruges by the chocolatier Sukerbuyc. Fine slices of milk, dark and white chocolate with crunchy rice crisps.

Belgian Beer Paté, 180 g

40% pork throats, 32% pork liver, 14% belt fat, 6% TRAPPIST (GLUTEN), onion, MILK, CREAM, EGG, BUTTER,, salt, herbs, spices ( MUSTARD), sugar, vanillin, WHEAT FLOUR, preservative E250, stabilizers E450iii, acidifier E575-E262-E300

gluten, eggs, milk, celery, mustard

Nutritional value per 100g
energy 329kcal
proteins 12.6g
carbohydrates 1.1g
sugar 1.1g
fats 30.4g
saturated fats 11.6g
salt 2.02g

Grootmoeders Koffie Extra Dessert 100% Puur Arabica, 250 g

100% Arabica coffee, fine filter coffee. Rich aroma, smooth finish, artisanally roasted.

Ingredients: 100% coffee

nutritional value: does not apply to coffee

Allergens: not applicable to coffee

Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps, 100 g

wheatflour, sugar, butter (18%), milk, free-range eggs, sea salt, raising agent, ammonium carbonates
may contain traces of soy, almonds, hazelnuts and cashew
Nutritional values per 100g
energy 415kcal
fats 15g
of which saturated 9.1g
carbohydrates 65g
of which sugars 36g
proteins 5.1g
salt 0.41g

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SKU : GFE2001071


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