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Italian Red & White Wine Duo Bottega Trevenezie

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There is no need to choose between red and white wine when you can have both! This stylish Italian wine duo features a pair of Bottega wines from the Le Venezie region of Northern Italy, an area with an ancient winemaking tradition.

The ruby red Merlot is a full, mellow wine with hints of blueberry, violet, blackcurrant, classic notes of undergrowth and humus, and aromatic spices with balsamic notes. The intense full-bodied wine nonetheless has velvety tannins and delicate herbal and earthy notes. It pairs beautifully with past with meat sauce, red and white meat, mushrooms, cured meats, spicy foods, and blue cheese. Serve in a balloon glass.

A brilliant Chardonnay has a fragrant bouquet with delicate fruity notes of apple and peach, and floral hints of white flowers. Enjoy the fresh, smooth, balanced white wine in a tulip glass with aperitifs, pasta, risotto, seafood, eggs, soup, and asparagus.
  • 1Bottega Merlot IGT Trevenezie, 75 cl - Alcohol 12,5 %
  • 1Bottega Chardonnay IGT Trevenezie, 75 cl - Alcohol 12%
  • 1Luxury Black Box

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