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L'Atelier Du Vin Gard'vin Wine Preserver Set

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Preserve your wines with a patent-pending stylish system from L'Atelier Du Vin.

The black ON/OFF Gard’vin (wine keeper) stops oxydation of open wine, keeping your wine tasting its best.

The ON/OFF system operates with a colour indicator fitted to the Gard’vin sealer. It shows instantly whether your opened bottle is protected from the air.

The set comes packed in an attractive box with 1 black ON/OFF Gard’vin and 2 ON/OFF sealers. Please note the system is not suitable for sparkling wines.
  • 1L'Atelier Du Vin Gard'Vin on/off Black With 2 Sealers
What's inside?

Box : L 21 cm x W 13 cm x H 4,5 cm

Material : Chromium-plated metal - Sealers in PVC

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SKU : GIBE000277