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Likami Facial Care Kit

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This Facial Care Kit is a perfect trial sampler into the Líkami high quality 4-step
program or for convenient air-friendly travel. It’s packed in a nice gift-ready box
making it the perfect gift idea for someone special.

This kit includes:
- cleansing milk – hreinsun mjólk travelsize – 50 ml
This low-maintenance daily cleanser is beneficial for all skin types, with a pH-level close to your skin. The cleansing milk honors the skin’s naturally effective acid mantle, deterring harmful microbes as it cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes. It gives you a satin soft, clean skin which is radiant and hydrated.

- facial toner – andlitsvatn travelsize – 30 ml
Hydrate, tone and balance with a simple spray. Radiant, hydrated and revitalized skin. The whole body feels uplifted and refreshed.

- facial essential serum – andliti olíu travelsize – 15 ml
Facial Essential Serum (Andliti Olíu) helps for a youthful and glowing skin. Skin is deeply nourished, hydrated and natural plumpness is enhanced.

- facial intensive hydrating cream – andliti krem travelsize – 30 ml
Facial Intensive Hydrating Cream (Andliti Krem) is incorporate into morning skin care regimen for all-day hydration and improved appearance of skin.

SKU : GFE2000323

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