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A thoughtful gift for the wine lover, or perhaps an indispensable addition to your own collection, this set contains a stylish wine stopper and vacuum sealer designed by Jackob Wagner.

Generally speaking, wine needs oxygen to bring out its bouquet. The decanting pourer of MENU oxygenates the wine optimally on its way from bottle to glass. With the wine pourer, the wine flows smoothly out, without dripping on the tablecloth.

If you do not finish the bottle in one sitting simply place the wine stopper in the neck of the bottle. The wine will continue to mature and will perhaps taste even better on your return. If you want to stop the aeration process, simply give the stopper a few pumps and it will remove all air from the bottle.
  • 1MENU Set Vacuumstopper + Decanting Pourer Vignon
What's inside?

Materials (both): Stainless steel, rubber, plastic

Dimensions: Pourer H 9.5 cm / Stopper H 8 cm
Co Designer: Jakob Wagner & Martin Sonne

Jakob Wagner is one of Scandinavia’s foremost designers at present, and he is one of only a handful to have exhibited at some of the biggest museums worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York with the Propeller Trivet from Menu.

Jakob is motivated by his love of meaningful shapes. He works at the balancing point between contrasting visual expressions: Masculine/feminine, organic/geometric, symmetric/asymmetric etc. “It brings the object to life, challenges our senses and appeals to our feeling.”

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SKU : BRO2000001


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