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Oolaboo Flowery OOOO De Parfum

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Discover this luxurious eau de parfum with a subtle and floral fragrance. The basic scent for this perfume is the "Marvel of Peru", a flower with a sweet, uplifting smell. Invigorating, fresh aromas of bergamot and rhubarb leaf are balanced with beautiful floral scents such as rose and tuberose. Oolaboo 01 is a luxurious and long-lasting eau de parfum with base notes of sandalwood and patchouli.

This lovely perfume is combined with a beautiful bouquet of summer flowers. The eye-catching bouquet is hand crafted by our master florist with light purple roses, bright pink gerberas, panicum, matthiola, lisianthus, and veronica. The lush, romantic bouquet with modern accents is a perfect complement to the gorgeous perfume.
  • 1Oolaboo OOOO De Parfum Luxury Box With Booklet, 50 ml
  • 1Purple Summer Bouquet - Medium (30 cm)

SKU : GFE2000465

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